Cakes by Pud Puds

Cakes by Pud Puds

Celebrating a birthday? Planning a christening party? Or maybe your best friend is having a gender reveal.  Whatever the occasion, what ever the reason Cakes by Pud Puds can provide a delicious cake fully personalised to exactly what you wanted.

Don't fancy cake? Thats fine!   We've got you covered!  From decorated cookies to brownie stacks, triple stacks, cookie pies and tray bakes - there are lots of alternatives to cake so everyone can enjoy something sweet!

  • Something for Everyone

    We try to cover all areas and taste buds whilst creating our cakes and menus, we offer budget cakes right upto personalised and customised master pieces, chocolate goodness and stuff not as sweet too! 

  • Triple Stack

    Our triple stacks are very popular and have a nice chunky layer of rocky road, a layer of chocolate chip cookie then a brownie slab! layered between with delicious buttercream and topped with various choices. These start from just £30

  • Birthday Cakes

    Our birthday cakes come in various sizes from 6" unto 12" we offer round, square or rectangle as well as number cakes! We have various flavors and can work with you to design exactly what you were hoping for! We have budget cakes for £35 and 6" cakes starting from £30

  • Cookie Pies

    Cookie Pies are hugly popular and on our Cake-Away menu in store we sell it by the slice and it's always a sell out! We have now added a full pie as an option and they look amazing decorated for any occasion. The combinations of flavours are endless! Starting from £35

  • Cupcakes

    We offer cupcakes for all occasions too1 I must admit these are now my go to for birthday parties save cutting the cake quickly before guests leave they can all leave with a cupcake we can do them to suit any theme colour scheme or party event. Prices starting from just £1.50 per cupcake.

  • Cake Toppers

    We make all our own cake toppers, for edible cake toppers to handmade 3d card toppers they are all made in house and can be added to any bake, or we can create a topper to add to your own or even supply other bakers! Starting from just £2 a sheet.

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